Please read through carefully before proceed to registration. Every booth tenants or assistants to take note on the booth rules and regulations below as we will not tolerate any violation should there be any.


  1. Closing date for booth registration is 15th October 2017, Sunday.
  2. One unit of booth will be given two artist booth tags, as the access pass into the event hall.
  3. Confirmation email will be sent within 7 working days.
  4. Full payment is required latest by 22nd October 2017, Sunday. Failure to do so will result in booth cancellation.
  5. Once payment received, email of rental confirmation will be sent after verification of payment.
  6. Detailed information will be sent a week before the event.
  7. Unless the booth is closed, please DO NOT LEAVE the booth unattended.
  8. Please inform any of the top committees before closing.
  9. Booth owners are responsible for their own booths.
  10. Damage sustained and lost of possession will be the responsibility of the booth owners. AG organisers and committees will not be held responsible.
  11. Booth location will be assigned and no changes allowed.
  12. Please prepare own check-list to prevent lost or forgotten items.
  13. The organisers reserve the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice.


  • All booths are reminded to keep the area clean. PLEASE DO NOT LITTER.
  • Make sure all items displayed are not pirated and / or copyright infringement, else will be asked to be removed, confiscated and / or penalty charged up to RM 8000.00
  • R-rated displays are not allowed to be shown publicly, else will be asked to close down the whole booth.
  • Laptops and electrical appliances are allowed but bring at your own risk.
  • Display screen is allowed but power plug, extension plug and multi-plug are NOT provided.


Deposit will not be returned if :

  • Damage sustained on the property of the booth.
  • Displayed item are pirated or copyright infringement.
  • R-rated display is shown publicly.
  • Unauthorized entry / non ticket holder to the booth area.
  • Booth area is dirty after leaving the event hall.

Returning of deposit :

  • Deposit will be returned a week onwards after the event.
  • Details of bank account will be asked after the event.
  • To those who prefer to meet up to collect, appointment will be arranged.

What Is Included?


Artist Booth Tag
Access Pass to Event Hall


2ft x 6ft Table /unit


Chairs /unit


Name and Group logo in pamphlet

Booth Details

Operation Hour

9:30am – 6:00pm
2 – 3 December 2017, Saturday & Sunday

Time of Setup

After 9:30pm
1 December 2017, Friday

Booth Rental

RM 100.00 /unit
for 2 – 3 December 2017, Saturday & Sunday

Booth Deposit

RM 100.00 /unit
will be returned a week onward after the event