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Booth Registration - Commercial

By submitting this application, tenant has agreed to the terms and conditions, and will abide by the rules and regulations set by the Anime Gathering (AG) organisers.
Please kindly be ensured that you have read and understand the Rules and Regulations.
Important Note
  1. Please note the maximum amount of assistant allowed according to the type and unit of booth.
  2. Tenant must show their I.C. for verification and required to sign upon the collection of booth tag. Tenant who failed to do so will result in cancellation of booth and deposit forfeited.
  3. Should there be any changes, tenant must update the booth management committees. This is to avoid misunderstanding during the collection of booth tag, due to different information from what has been submitted in the application.
  4. No changes allowed 3 weeks before the event.
Booth Detail
Booth Tenant Details
We will be sending confirmation email to this email address. Please kindly make sure it is correct.
Assistant Details
You have selected booth unit(s) and you are entitled to have booth tag(s).
Booth tags will only be given to booth tenant and registered assistants. Please arrange your booth tags between tenant and assistants.
Extra tag is only available to be purchased at the booth counter on the event day. IC is needed for verification.
Banking Details
Banking details are required for deposit refund. Please kindly double confirm the details are correct.
Other Details
Payment Details
  1. Please kindly make your payment first before submit this registration form.
  2. You need to transfer/cash deposit to the following bank account, and fill in your payment details below.
  3. If you are transferring payment from non Maybank account, it is advisable to use instant fund transfer to avoid payment delay, and it is free of charge now.
  4. If you are experiencing problem to instant fund transfer from non Maybank account to the bank account below, please try to use Interbank GIRO (IBG). It is because Maybank current account is having problem to receive instant fund transfer.
  5. Your payment will be refunded if your booth application is rejected.
  6. All payment payable to:
Bank Name Account Number Account Name Account Type
Maybank 511234129738 Tomi Lo Toh Hua Current Account
Description Quantity Unit Price Total Price
Commercial booth rental 0 RM 350.00 RM 0.00
Commercial booth deposit 0 RM 150.00 RM 0.00
Total Amount to Pay Now RM 0.00
Please attach your bank transfer or cash deposit receipt. Kindly ensure that the receipt are clearly visible.
We verify payment details manually without using payment gateway. Please kindly make your payment first before click the submit button.
For cash deposit at Maybank, please deposit your payment first, then fill in this form and submit.