Rules and regulations

  1. Participants must be of age 18 and above. Any minors who wish to join must have consent of their respective guardians and/or parents.
  2. Performance must be related to anime or of Japanese culture.
  3. Participants must provide their name as per IC for registration.
  4. Please strictly standby at the stage area 30 minutes before your performance for stage entrance preparations.
  5. No MIA before or during the event days. 
  6. This is a public stage. Kindly refrain from committing acts that are heavily suggestive sexually, violently insinuative and/or rude. Please respect the public.
  7. Please heed and follow the instructions given by the committee.
  8. Otakyun! and its committees are not liable to any injuries occurred during the usage of the stage.
  9. Otakyun! reserves the right to amend and change the Rules and Regulations at its own discretion without prior notification.


  1. For digital media usage, please take note that ONLY MP3/WMV format will be accepted.
  2. All communications will be done via email, please provide a valid email.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you latest by 22 September 2019.
  4. If you did not receive any response after 22 September 2019, immediately email
  5. All soundtracks used are encouraged to be submitted in MP3 or WMV format (in no less than 128kbps). This is to ensure the track can be read clearly, and if not, will be notified to the participant immediately for any necessary changes.
  6. All audio to be used for performance will be requested once your application has been approved.
  7. Each application will be screened through for the purpose of maintaining the quality of our Stage performances. Please provide us a sample recording of your performance for screening purpose (applicable for singing only). You can record yourself singing with your phone without any music. Make sure it is high quality enough.
  8. Stage rehearsal time slot will be announced. Stay tune.
  9. Each performer (excluding helpers) will be given access into the Event Hall free of charge on the day of performance only.