Pre-Order 2-Days Entrance Ticket Now

RM 20.00 /set
from now till 31 October 2016

Purchase Daily Ticket On The Spot

RM 15.00 /day
on event day, 3 - 4 December 2016


  • Ticket will be sold from now till 31 October 2016, or while stocks last.
  • All communications will be done via email, so please provide a valid email.
  • Receipts or Proof of Payment MUST be scanned/print screened/photographed etc (as long as it’s CLEAR) and attached in the form below.
    1. To print screen your online transfer, go to the receipt page (if available) and press "Print Screen" on your keyboard.
    2. Paste it at MS Paint/MS Powerpoint (save as ".JPEG/,JPG") or other any software of your preference (no MS Words please), and attached it together with the form below.
  • No refunds/requests shall be entertained if you are unable to provide us with the details of your cash deposit and online transfers.
  • For online transactions, please refer to your bank for details and support in any case of transaction problems or errors.
  • Closing date for ticket purchase is 31 OCTOBER 2016, 11.59pm GST +8. Applications received AFTER this date will not be entertained.
  • Every confirmed ticket purchase will be issued a booking number via EMAIL within 3 days.
  • IF you did not receive the booking number within 7 days, please immediately email the same details as the form below and attach your proof of payment.
  • Ticket collection will be on the event day itself, or on any announced dates, to be affirmed via our Facebook page.
  • Please show your booking number at the ticketing redemption counter to redeem your entry ticket.
  • Maximum of 10 tickets per transaction.


  • Please make your payment by cash deposit, cheque deposit, online fund transfer, or online interbank transfer.
  • If you choose "Pay Later" to confirm your order first, please make payment within 24 hours after confirmation.
  • Booking will be canceled automatically if there's no payment details being updated within 24 hours after confirmation.
  • All payment payable to:


Account Name
Tomi Lo Toh Hua

Account Number